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Davivienda is a regional bank leader that operates in six countries (Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and the United States). With over 51 years of experience in the Colombian market, Davivienda offers a wide range of financial services to individuals, SMEs, and corporate customers. The bank currently serves over 23.6 million customers through a network of 674 branches and more than 2,846 ATMs.

About Davivienda

Davivienda has been in business for over 50 years. Formerly incorporated as Corporación de Ahorro y Vivienda in 1972 in Colombia, Davivienda is going through a steady and strong expansion process since 2005.

Banco Davivienda is owned by Grupo Empresarial Bolívar. A regional holding with more than 80 years of experience in the insurance, banking, and building industries.  Learn more about the group

History: Corporate Information

Davivienda has over 50 years of experience creating value-added to people and companies throughout Colombia and Central America.


We seek to deliver simple, reliable, and friendly experiences to our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we rely on a team that develops a value offer based on innovation, risk management, efficiency, and synergy between business lines.


Coldeahorro was renamed Corporación Colombiana de Ahorro y Vivienda Davivienda.


Davivienda became a credit card issuer.


Davivienda turned into a commercial bank under the name of Banco Davivienda S.A. and focused on its consolidation in the Colombian financial sector.

Davivienda acquired Banco República de Venezuela (sold in 2001).


Davivienda merged with Banco Superior.


Davivienda acquired Granbanco S.A./Bancafé and increased its commercial portfolio services along with its international presence expanding to Panama and Miami.


Davivienda announced its IPO in the Colombian Stock Exchange.


Davivienda announced a follow-on offering on the Colombian Stock Exchange.

Davivienda launched DaviPlata, a free service that enables Colombians to make financial transactions with their mobile phones.


Davivienda acquired HSBC operations in Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador, which strengthened its regional presence in the Americas.


The bank acquired Corredores Asociados, strengthening its business offer in wealth management.


The Bank merged with Leasing Bolívar S.A. and increased its value offer to SME customers.


The RappiPay Davivienda partnership begins in Colombia. This alliance boosts digital and secure payments, lowering access and transaction costs.


Davivienda returns to the stock market with a successful issuance of common and preferred shares for COP 720 billion, consisting of 27,392,472 common shares and 8,607,528 preferred shares, for a total of 36 million shares issued.

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We strive to deliver straightforward, reliable, and user-friendly customer experiences, relying on a team that builds a value proposition founded on innovation, risk management, efficiency, and synergy between companies.

Strategy Davivienda

Our Purpose

Enriching Life with Integrity

Here at Davivienda, we strive to achieve the superior purpose we share with all Grupo Bolívar’s companies, through the essence of our organizational culture and our management model.

Organizational Culture

A culture that ties all Grupo Bolivar companies together

Our culture has enabled us to support people’s wellbeing, help families build their equity, grow businesses and fund projects to benefit the countries where we operate.

Our Mission

We add value for our clients, community and investors through a team of upstanding, committed, and friendly individuals who are always willing to learn and work with integrity

Principles and Values

Davivienda shares and promotes the principles and values established by Grupo Bolívar. We take pride in highlighting the core values that support our organizational culture:

  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Enthusiasm, Joy and Cheerfulness

Corporate Strategic Objectives

For Davivienda, the strategic objectives are the objectives that the Bank intends to achieve with which it will generate greater value for its stakeholders. For this reason we have defined the following objectives:

Customer Service Leaders

We are committed to provide the best customer service; our management model revolves around our customers, and we strive to reach them through straightforward, reliable and user-friendly experiences.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

We accomplish our goals, innovate and optimize processes to achieve the best use of resources under a cost-optimization approach.

Risk Management

We all manage risk, foresee new opportunities and seize them, enabling business growth and sustainability.

Talent Management

We assemble the best team of professionals and strengthen their skills to attain what we set out to achieve.

Digital Management:

We are a digital organization at the core. We are innovative, agile and flexible to simplify life for our clients.

Regional Management

We act as one bank, identifying best practices and adapting to suit each market in the countries where we operate.

Sustainable Management

We positively impact society and the environment beyond our operations in the countries where we operate.

Strategic Business Objectives

Wealth Management Benchmark

We will become our clients’ first choice for managing their wealth and financial needs abroad.

Key player in Coporate Banking

We will focus on strengthening our offering for the SME segment.

Leaders in Retail Banking

We will succeed by being a digital organization by nature, which, through innovation, agility, and flexibility, will simplify the lives of our customers.

Innovation Model – Grupo Bolívar

At Grupo Bolívar, we have consolidated an Innovation Model based on innovation as a cornerstone within our organization to design simple, reliable, and friendly experiences for our customers.

We have developed an Innovation Culture based on strengthening our staff’s capabilities and skills within Innovation Ecosystems (Startups, Universities, Companies from other industries, Government and World-class Partners).

In 2018 we officially opened Domo I, Grupo Bolivar’s innovation center seeking to develop:

  • New experiences for our customers
  • Digital transformation projects through our Innovation Model
  • Partnerships with crucial drivers among innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems: academia, government, and businesses.



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DaviPlata was launched in February 2011 as a cash management service in Colombia.

DaviPlata is the digital solution that democratized access to financial services by leveraging the potential of mobile phones. DaviPlata was the first platform that enabled anyone in Colombia to:

  • Transfer money via social media.
  • Make free interbank transfers.
  • Have a prepaid e-card instantly.
  • Receive subsidies through a mobile solution.
  • Manage one’s money over a cellphone without any data charges.
  • Withdraw or deposit cash on ATMs without a card.
  • Use its full interface even when the user has a disability.

Today, DaviPlata is more than a convenient payment system. Our wallet is linked to partner companies enhancing their value-added strategies for everyone who interacts with them.

DaviPlata has expanded beyond Colombian borders and is now also in El Salvador, where it has grown hand-in-hand with the Financial Inclusion Law, fostering the use of electronic deposits and simplified accounts in the country.

The Casita Roja feature made Davivienda win the international Model Bank award in 2018 in the Consumer Channel Innovation category. While our customers are on their social media, they can transfer money, split checks, or add credit to prepaid cell phone plans.

DaviPlata, Our Digital Native Bank

Risk Ratings

Davivienda is risk-rated under national and international standards.

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About our Board of Directors

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