In this section you will find information about our shares regarding historical evolution, types of shares outstanding, the AGM and other related data.

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Colombia Stock Exchange - BVC

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July 29th, 2010

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March 19th, 2024


Common and Preferred

Davivienda has issued two types of shares: common and preferred. Common shares grant political and economic Rights as provided by law. Preferred shares do not grant voting Rights; however, they do grant the same economic Rights as ordinary shares.

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Ordinary shares enjoy all the political and economic rights established by Law.

Preferred shares confer the following rights to their holders:

  • To receive prorated dividends, along with ordinary shareholders, of distributable profits.
  • Preferential reimbursement of their contributions, after settling all external liabilities, in the event of Davivienda’s dissolution or liquidation.
  • To subscribe for shares on a preferential basis in the event of new issuances of Preferred Shares, under the bylaws, excluding shares issued under the Issuance and Placement Program.
  • To all other Rights granted to Ordinary Shares in accordance with the bylaws, except (i) the right to subscribe for Ordinary Shares or other types of shares other than Preferred Shares on a preferential basis, subject to the limits set forth in the previous paragraph and (ii) the right to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Notwithstanding other provisions, Offered Preferred Shares grant their holders the right to vote under the following circumstances:

When voting on modifications with the potential to worsen the terms or Rights established for Preferred Shares offered. Under such circumstances, a favorable vote of seventy percent (70%) of the shares comprising the subscribed capital is required. This percentage includes, in equal proportions, the favorable vote of the Preferred Shares offered.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is the Bank’s highest governing body, and it is composed of the shareholders registered in the Shareholders Register in accordance with the Bylaws and legal provisions.

For documents related to the General Shareholders’ Meeting and other Corporate Governance documents, please click here

Find here some of the documents of the General Shareholders’ Meeting held on March 19, 2024:

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Shareholder Register

The Bank keeps a Shareholders Register, which contains its shareholders information. The Bank only recognizes as shareholders those who appear in this Register, under the terms and conditions specified therein.

Here you can find all the documentation regarding our Annual General Meeting.

Shareholder rights and obligations guide

Banco Davivienda top 20 shareholders


The following chart shows dividends distribution since 2008.

At the General Shareholders Meeting held on March 19, 2024, Shareholders approved the capitalization of 100% of the profits for the year 2023:

Dividend Value

$ 0

-100.00% VS. 2023.


Fiscal period Payment Form Dividend per Share Shareholders Meeting Date Pay Day
I Semester 2008 Cash 1,649 09/09/2008 12/9/2008
II Semester 2008 Cash 707 09/09/2008 12/9/2008
I Semester 2008 Cash 1,390 09/03/2009 12/3/2009
II Semester 2008 Shares 4,237 09/03/2009 12/3/2009
I Semester 2009 Cash 1,256 11/09/2009 15/9/2009
II Semester 2009 Shares 1,361 08/03/2010 11/3/2010
I Semester 2010 Cash 160 30/10/2010 4/10/2010
II Semester 2010 Shares 200 08/03/2011 14/3/2011
I Semester 2011 Cash 220 16/09/2011 22/9/2011
II Semester 2011 Cash 220 06/03/2012 15/3/2012
I Semester 2012 Cash 260 19/09/2012 27/9/2012
II Semester 2012 Cash 280 08/03/2013 20/3/2013
2013 Cash 630 12/03/2014 26/3/2014
2014 Cash 788 13/03/2015 26/3/2015
2015 Cash 864 10/03/2016 50% 29/3/2016
50% 21/9/2016
2016 Cash 950 22/03/2017 50% 05/4/2017
50% 21/9/2017
2017 Cash 800 14/03/2018 50% 04/4/2018
50% 19/9/2018
2018 Cash 840 15/03/2019 50% 03/3/2019
50% 18/9/2019
2019 Cash 926 17/03/2020 50% 26/3/2020
50% 23/9/2020
2020 Shares** 321 18/03/2021 22/4/2021
2021 Cash 1,072 23/03/2022 50% 06/04/2022
50% 14/09/2022
2022 Cash 1,010 21/03/2023 50% 12/04/2023
50% 13/09/2023
2023 Not Applicable 0 19/03/2024 Not Applicable

* From 2013 onwards, annual results are published. Therefore, there will only be one dividend distribution per year.

**Dividends of 2020 Results:
$321 per share: Increase of $10 in the share’s nominal value, and a $311 premium for placement of shares.
This dividend did not represent a cash payment or an increase in the number of issued shares.

In this link, you can find answers to the main questions about the dividend declared in 2023.Click here

Tax Information for Dividend Payment 2024

Bogota, Colombia. March 20, 2024 – Banco Davivienda S.A (BVC: PFDAVVNDA, BCS: DAVIVIENCL) announces that at the General Shareholders’ Meeting held on March 19th, Shareholders approved the capitalization of 100% of 2023’s profits from the Individual Financial Statements, to preserve and strengthen the bank’s capital position.

Should you require information related to the applicable tax treatment of dividends corresponding to profits from previous years, we invite your to contact the Investor Relations team at [email protected]

Tax Certificates

Obtain your Tax Certificates related to your Davivienda shares here.

Please note that if you forgot your Deceval account number you should contact DECEVAL at (+57) 601 307 7127 in Bogota or 01 8000 111901 in Colombia.


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  • ID number
  • Deceval account number

Equity Research Analysts

Here you can find the analysts covering Davivienda’s stock.

Institution Analyst Email

BTG Pactual

Alonso Aramburu

Casa de Bolsa

Omar Suárez

Credicorp Capital

Daniel Mora

Global Securites Colombia

Santiago Ortega

Grupo Santander

Andrés Soto

Itaú BBA

Jorge Pérez

Larrain Vial

Florencia Stefani

Valores Bancolombia

Andrea Atuesta

Citi Reasearch

José Luis Cuenca


Inigo Vega

Shares Issuance

Banco Davivienda has issued preferred shares twice in the local market. Find all the information related to both issuances here.

Initial Public Offering

Find all the information related to our first preferred shares issuance.

Offering of Preferred Shares Notice (IPO) (ES)


Presentation of the first issue of preferred shares


Information sheet on the first issue of preferred shares


IPO Regulation (ES)


Press Release, August 31st, 2010 (ES)



Find all the information related to our first preferred shares issuance follow-on.

Offering of preferred shares notice (IPO) (ES)


First addendum to the information sheet on the issue of preferred shares by Davivienda


Presentation of the second issue of preferred shares


Second issue of preferred shares regulation


First Simultaneous Issuance of Common and Preferred Shares 2024

Find here all the information regarding our first issuances under the global quota of the Issuance and Placement Program for 48 million shares.

Prospectus - Shares' Issuance and Placement Program (Available in Spanish)


Offering Notice - Preferred Shares (Available in Spanish)


Offering Notice - Common Shares (Available in Spanish)


Presentation - Common Shares Issuance


Presentation - Preferred Shares Issuance


New Placing Agents for Preferred Shares (Available in Spanish)


Bansuperior & Bancafé Inquiries

Banco Superior Shareholders

Banco Superior shareholders could be creditors to dividends and/or remnant following the acquisition by Davivienda in 2006. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us using one of the following channels:

  1. Visit one of our branches.
  2. Use our chat available at
  3. Contact us at (+57) 601 307 7127 from Bogotá or 01-8000-123-838.
  4. Reach us at [email protected]

Banco Cafetero Shareholders

Banco Cafetero shareholders could be creditors to dividends and/or remnants following the merger with Davivienda. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us using one of the following challenge:

  1. Visit one of our branches.
  2. Use our chat available at
  3. Contact us at (+57) 601 307 7127 from Bogotá or 01-8000-123-838.
  4. Reach us at [email protected]


If your shares were not subject to this merger, we suggest addressing your questions to Fondo de Garantías de Instituciones Financieras, Fogafin, calling 01-8000-912249